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We're One Foods, a Cloud Kitchen serving lip-smacking Chinese Cuisine in Balasore, Odisha!

We are determined to make all your food dreams come true! We pledge to make each meal a highlight. We put extra effort to make your meals super fun which will surely bring the party mode right back on!

P.S. In case you are a sucker for the Chinese cuisine, you my dear friend have struck gold!

More Reasons to Choose One Foods

Quality Food

Quality Food

We know nothing matters as much as the quality of ingredients used for your food. The handpicking of the select ingredients is the first on our daily to-do list.

Starred Chef

Starred Chef

A man who knows his way around food is exactly who you precious peeps deserve. We have found the very man who can please and mesmerize your taste buds.

Best Service

Best Service

Your satisfaction is a priority which is why we have a flexible delivery system to make sure all your needs are met. Also, we take feedbacks very seriously!


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